Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gu's Bistro

Recently I tried Gu's Bistro, mainly because I have been trying a lot of the dishes on Creative Loafing's new list of "100 Dishes to Eat in Atlanta Before You Die". I went with my good friend Nicolai, who I recently and gleefully discovered shares my affinity for all the many hidden ethnic restaurants on Buford Highway. Gu's Bistro is Szechuan cuisine, which from my understanding, is Chinese food from the Sichuan region, which is known for being really spicy. The dish on Creative Loafing's list is chengdu cold noodles (third picture). It definitely did not disappoint. The noodles were a small dish, so we also ordered two more of these tapas like dishes: chengdu wontons (first picture) and fried rice with a few meats and some veggies (second picture). The chengdu noodles, along with the wontons we tried were very spicy, but in a good way where even though my mouth was numb and my eyes were watering, I could not stop eating the delicious food that was in front of me. I thought those two dishes were incredible. The fried rice was good, but nothing out of the ordinary. I loved this place so much that I took a coworker a few days later. Again we ordered the chengdu cold noodles and the chengdu wontons. This time we also ordered the steamed pork buns which were delish! Gu's Bistro is a nice sit down restaurant, which is little more upscale than the usual hole in the wall type places I frequent on Buford. I am excited to go back to Gu's and try more of their dishes! Gu's Bistro is located on Buford Highway, right off exit 32 on I-285.  Look for a Chick-fil-A and it's tucked away in the strip mall behind it.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday: 11:00am - 3:00pm, 4:30pm - 10:00pm

Friday-Sunday: 11:00am - 10:30pm
**Closed Monday for Lunch**
Click here for the website 

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